Our Contents Restoration Process

After a disaster, deciding which items can be restored and which need to be replaced can be complex. Making the wrong call can result in wasteful spending by paying for restoration methods that end up being ineffective or by buying a brand-new item to replace one that could have been restored. 

At Core Restores, our top priority is to serve as a partner and extension of the restoration companies we work with. For this reason, we consider the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for the client and ensure that we only restore contents that can be fully restored by following IICRC standards. If an item cannot be restored or in the rare cases when restoration costs exceed that of replacement, we communicate with our clients directly before restoration starts.

Our Restoration Process

Our ability to effectively evaluate the efficacy of our restoration procedures and efficiently restore items lies in our tried and true restoration process:

  1. Document all contents: We utilize iCat Modern Content Management technology to document all contents. With this system, clients have web access to their items and the opportunity to communicate with Core technicians throughout the restoration process. Our professional inventory process helps ensure a streamlined restoration approach.
  1. Transport belongings to content restoration facility: We have over 200,000 square feet of storage facility space along the Eastern Seaboard. With abundant warehouse space, our team can properly store and organize every item that comes through our doors. 
  1. Determine which items can be restored: Even with our state-of-the-art cleaning technologies and processes, not every item impacted by a disaster can be restored. Sometimes, the material is damaged beyond repair, while other times, smoke damage is too pervasive to remove thoroughly. When choosing items, we use various evaluation methods and adhere to IICRC standards to determine restorability.
  1. Clean contents: Depending on the item and the damage it has sustained, we tailor our cleaning approach to ensure a complete product restoration. Treatment methods include soap and conditioning, dry cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and ozone treatments.
  1. Keep items in a climate-controlled environment: A climate-controlled environment protects items from further damage and preserves them until they are ready to be delivered back to the owner. We ensure all our facilities have the ideal climate to protect restored inventory.
  1. Pack back and delivery: Our iCat inventory system lets us pinpoint where every item in our facilities is in the restoration process and where it must go after completion. After restoring the content, we reunite the owner with the repaired items.

The Importance of Engaging A Contents Restoration Professional

After a disaster, it is imperative to consult a contents restoration professional to help determine what items can be restored and which must be replaced. At Core, we utilize our decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology, and expert restoration process to return damaged contents to their former glory.

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