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Key Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction During the Claims Process

Each year, J.D. Power performs a property claims satisfaction study. The findings from this study shed light on key aspects of customer satisfaction within the insurance claims process. While the survey primarily aims to educate insurance providers, restoration professionals can glean valuable insights from this year’s results.  

Key Takeaways

  • Longer claims cycle times: The time for repairs to be complete has grown four days longer than last year. This is attributed primarily to the severity of the damage reported and delays in getting the materials to complete repairs.
  • Less digital reporting by the insured: This shows that digital tools are not serving their intended purpose to make the claims process easier for the insured
  • Lower customer satisfaction when updates have to be through digital channels: The survey found that having to provide updates through digital means reduced client satisfaction. Clients like to have the option to pick up the phone to discuss their claim or provide information if needed!

How a Contents Restoration Partner Can Boost Customer Satisfaction

Partnering with a content restoration partner involves a mutually beneficial relationship where the contents restoration company can help with pack out services and collaborate with the insurer to determine what contents can be restored. If the client chooses to restore their items, a contents restoration company can act as an extension of your team to deliver the best care, ultimately streamlining the claims process. Not only do your clients not have to seek out a separate service for contents restoration, but their items can be packed out faster, allowing you to begin restoration quicker.

However, it is important to remember that not all contents restoration companies are created equal. Look for a business that:

  • Leaves the Restoration to YOU: At Core, we focus solely on pack outs and contents restoration. We will never compete with you for restoration services!
  • Performs All Restoration In-House: When content cleaning is outsourced, it increases the chance of lost items and delays in the restoration process. Look for a content restoration company that performs all of their restoration in-house.
  • Has a Trusted Online Inventory System: Clients don’t like having to pick up the phone every time they have a question about one of their belongings. However, J.D. Power’s recent survey shows that they do want the ability to pick up the phone and talk to a real person. Ensure the content restoration company has an online inventory system that documents every personal item and allows clients to view the status of their belongings online. Most importantly, be sure the client has a way to speak directly with a technician if necessary. 
  • Possesses Formal Training: Professional training goes a long way in providing the proper documentation for insurance and using the best methods for restoring contents. All of our technicians are IICRC-certified, ensuring we bring the best industry practices to each job.

Forming a partnership with a contents restoration company is an important step in your restoration business. With a contents restoration partner, you can offer clients a full restoration product. At Core Restores, we offer hard contents, textile, and electronic restoration in-house, providing clients with a one-stop solution for contents restoration. 

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