Sewage Backup Restoration for Damaged Contents in Baltimore, Philadelphia, D.C., & New York City

A sewage backup is a severe problem for homeowners or business owners. It requires emergency restoration for both your structure and your contents. If proper pack-out services do not occur immediately, your content can be ruined. Fortunately, the IICRC-certified technicians at Core Restores offer stellar sewage backup restoration services for damaged contents to customers throughout our East Coast service area.

sewage backup content restoration project is one of the disasters that we service at Core Restores, along with restoration-related issues involving water damagefire damage, and storm damage. Because our crews specialize in contents restoration, we often partner with other companies to restore damaged contents while the other company handles the structural restoration work for homeowners and business owners in New York CityBethesdaBaltimorePhiladelphiaWashington, D.C., and other cities within our service area. To learn more, call 844-971-0707 or click here to make a reservation. Core Restores operates climate-controlled contents restoration centers in 8 different states throughout the U.S.

Restore Damaged Contents with Core

A sewage backup can cause significant damage to your fabrics, furniture, and other soft goods. You don’t know which contents require restoration and which should simply be thrown away. At Core Restores, we can help you make those decisions and we provide top-notch restoration services for content impacted by sewage backups. Typically, any fabrics soaked in grey or black water during a water intrusion must be thrown away. However, our crews can help you properly clean and deodorize many of your favorite garments to prevent lingering odors. 

Additional Services by Core Restores

Core Restores has decades of experience in packing out homes and offices, as well as in the restoration of contents. We are the largest contents restoration business on the East Coast. We will take great care in handling your personal belongings that have been harmed by fire or water. We also can handle additional content restoration-related services that include

Restore Your Damaged Contents with Core Restoration Throughout the USA

Core Restoration has many certified experts with decades of experience in restoring damaged content in cities throughout the U.S.A., including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Newark, and Washington, DC. Let us handle your damaged contents as well. For more information, call 844-971-0707 or click here to make an online reservation for services ASAP when you face contents damaged by a sewage backup.