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The Liability of Contents Restoration

The task of handling a client’s personal contents is extremely important. However, it can also bring about several unique challenges and additional liability. With a desire to provide comprehensive services to their clients, or even due to outside pressures from involved parties, a restoration company may decide to undergo the task of contents restoration on their own.

Restoring contents restoration requires personalized and specialized training, equipment, and knowledge. When it comes to intricate heirlooms, the challenge to restore the item, as well as the stakes in doing so, rise even higher.

Before you decide to take on the challenge of restoring your client’s contents, consider the advantages of partnering with a contents restoration company:

  1. Specialized Expertise: It is up to the contents restoration company to decide whether an item can be fully restored. This means it is returned to its pre-disaster condition without any lingering residue or damage. Without years of experience restoring contents, it can be difficult to make this determination. Unfortunately, the stakes for making this assessment are high, and promising to restore an item that cannot be restored results in lost money for your client.

Our contents processing technicians are all IICRC-certified, equipping them with the training necessary to properly assess and restore valuable property.

  1. Advanced Facilities and Equipment: While a lot of contents restoration involves scrubbing and manpower, there are plenty of delicate items that cannot withstand the conventional approaches to cleaning and require specialized equipment to return them to their pre-loss state. A contents restoration company oftentimes has specialized equipment such as ultrasonic machines and dry cleaning equipment to handle even the most delicate of items.

Additionally, it is essential to have the space necessary to properly store contents to protect them from further damage. At Core Restores, we have 200,000 square feet of climate-controlled facility space to store contents.

  1. Risk Mitigation: Taking on the task of storing and restoring contents shifts increased liability onto your shoulders. Many restoration companies are not properly insured to mitigate this risk and run the possibility of mismanaging their client’s contents, resulting in dissatisfied customers. Passing the contents restoration to a contents restoration partner shifts the contents liability off of you. At Core, we only do contents, so we will never compete with you for restoration work.
  1. Time and Efficiency: Working with a contents restoration team that has tried and true processes in place allows for your restoration project to go a lot smoother and faster. Our team is available to be on-site to pack up contents within 24 hours, allowing you to get started on the restoration while our team begins the contents restoration process.

The task of restoring someone’s personal belongings should not be taken lightly. Before doing so, restoration companies should take several things into consideration, including whether they are properly insured to help mitigate the risk should something go wrong, if they have the expertise and equipment necessary to successfully complete the job, and if doing so would hinder or delay the restoration process. 

At Core Restores, we are a one-stop shop for contents restoration, providing services for hard contents, textiles, and electronics. We serve as an extension of your team to shift liability off of you, improve the efficiency of restoration, and help deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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