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4 Benefits of Hiring a Content Restoration Partner

After experiencing property loss from a fire, flood, or natural disaster, recovery is everyone’s top priority. Beginning the process of restoration is two-fold: there’s restoring your property, and then there’s restoring your valuables or contents. For your furniture, electronics/appliances, and clothing, having a dedicated content restoration partner is the best way to safely and effectively bring these items back to life. 

Read on for the four benefits of a dedicated content restoration partner and how our services at Core Restores can help you recover faster.

4 Reasons You Need a Content Restoration Partner

  1. Expertise: A content restoration partner is an expert in the field. They have the knowledge, skill set, and experience to effectively restore all your valuables, from furniture to clothing and electronics. They know the best way to pack out your contents and clean them effectively, with the specialized process and handling that experts in this field are known for.  
  1. Loss recovery: Working with a specialist allows you to recover more of your stuff. Because of the specialized expertise at Core Restores, we help recover more of your belongings than if you were to go at it alone. We have over 25 years of expertise in restoring valuables and contents so you can rebuild your life after a loss.
  1. Speed to recovery: Did you know that at Core Restores, we specialize in the fastest response time of any pack-out company in the nation? One call handles all contents (pack out, hard contents, textiles, electronics, and pack back). Once we get the call, we’re on the job within 24 hours to start the restoration process. 
  1. Storage solutions: With warehouse locations across the Eastern Seaboard, Core Restores has the capacity to store all your household goods after a water or fire damage loss. With over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space available, we have the largest square-footage capacity of any content restoration company in the U.S. 

Our facilities are climate-controlled, so they’re safe to house your freshly restored contents for as long as you need while your property undergoes structural damage restoration. Once the property is restored, we will return your hard contents, textiles, and electronics. 

Why You Should Choose Core

At Core Restores, we specialize in residential and commercial content restoration. We perform the pack out, content restoration, storage, pack back, and delivery. We also provide secure storage from our various award-winning locations across the U.S.

Contact us to learn more about why having a dedicated content restoration partner makes all the difference in your recovery.

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