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#1 in Pack Outs & Contents Restoration since 1998
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Content Restoration Service in Baltimore

When disaster strikes your property, it not only damages your property but also damages other contents of your establishment badly. It makes them unusable. That time you need content restoration badly to return those contents to their pre-damage condition. 

Core Restoration is a content restoration company that serves both residential and commercial clients in Baltimore as well as other East Coast cities across 17 states. We often collaborate with other restoration companies to perform structural restoration while we focus on restoring your fire, water, and storm-damaged contents. We have pack-out services available. So call us anytime at 844-971-0707, if you need content restoration service.

Content Restoration Offered by Core Restoration

Our most popular content restoration service includes:

Dry Cleaning Restoration: We dry clean bulk laundry, carpets, area rugs, blankets, comforters, shoes, wedding gowns, designer items, and many more.

Document Recovery or restoration: We can restore sensitive and important documents as we have years of experience recovering paper and have made our own document restoration processes.

Furniture Restoration: Our furniture restoration procedures include furniture repair, cleaning, painting, varnishing, refinishing, and polishing to preserve its original appearance and functionality.

Upholstery Restoration: Our upholstery restoration service covers the repair and thorough restoration. This is how we make them last longer.

Electronics Restoration: Our iCat Certified Modern Restorer™ restores PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, flat-screen TVs and monitors, video game consoles, DVDs, VCR players, Blu-rays, stereos, home theaters, music equipment, wireless Internet, servers, and routers.

Leather Goods Restoration: We restore leather goods by preventing further damage and eliminating the build-up of oil, dirt, and grime. We increase its lifespan by maintaining its resale value and original look.

Textile Restoration: We repair and restore all textile items like carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains, and clothing to their original state.

Book Restoration: Books damaged by water, smoke, or soot are very difficult to restore. We specialize in restoring damaged books to their original condition.

Trust Core Restoration for the Best Content Restoration Service

Core Restoration has been serving Baltimore with the highest-quality content restoration services for many years. We collect all damaged content from your place and after completely restoring them we return your belongings to your current location. To make a service reservation, call 844-971-0707 or click here to set a restoration schedule today.

Why Core?

Trusted Partners
Trusted Partners

We are an extension of your company. We do not provide mitigation or reconstruction. We only perform pack outs, contents cleaning, dry cleaning and electronics restoration.

Eliminate Your Contents Liability
Eliminate Contents Liability

We are 100% focused on contents. When you refer Core, we handle the personal property portion of the claim and interface directly with the insured and adjuster to streamline the documentation process.

Advanced Inventory Software
Advanced Inventory Software

Detailed photo documentation of all items including boxes, furniture, and clothing with bar-codes on every item to track from pack out fo pack back.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

You don't need to rent or purchase a large storage facility to house contents.


Fastest response time of any pack out company in the nation. One call handles all contents (contents pack out, dry cleaning, electronics)

Xactimate Estimates
Xactimate Estimates

Estimates written in industry standard Xactimate software.

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