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#1 in Pack Outs & Contents Restoration since 1998
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Jackets & Coats Restoration in New York City & Philadelphia

Many people assume that when you damage jackets and coats, they are ruined. But that is not the case when you deal with Core Restoration. Instead, our IICRC-certified technicians have the experience, expertise, and equipment required to restore jackets & coats to their pre-damaged condition in the wake of a fire, flood, storm, or major accident at your home or office in Virginia BeachPhiladelphiaNew York City, and other cities within our service area

Our experts use proprietary cleaning techniques and processes to restore your jackets and coats as part of our wide array of content restoration services for homeowners and business owners throughout 17 US states. While other restoration companies handle your structural needs, Core Restoration specializes in dry cleaning & content restoration for personal items damaged in fires, floods, and other natural & man-made disasters. In addition to restoring jackets & coats, we can also handle clothing & textiles, furniture, appliances, and more. We often partner with companies that handle structural restorations to get the job done faster and more efficiently. To learn more about us, call 844-971-0707 or click here to make a reservation for services ASAP at your property in Herndon, Alexandria, BethesdaBaltimoreWashington, DC, and other East Coast cities that we serve.

Restoration Leather Jackets

What Damages Your Jackets & Coats?

  • Moisture: Your leather coats and jackets risk becoming brittle and breaking if you don't have enough moisture, and the leather may also split, rendering the garment beyond repair.
  • Temperature: Additionally, a particular temperature is crucial for your coats and jackets. To keep your coat and jacket in good condition, you must store them at a temperature lower than 55 degrees.
  • Insects: Moths and other insects might be your fur coat's worst enemy. When moths infest the furs, they'll build nests there and leave holes that are noticeable when you want to put your coat on again.

Rely on Core to Restore Your Jackets & Coats throughout the USA

If you want your jackets and coats restored in the wake of fire or flood damage, Core Restoration is the company to call. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we constantly aim for excellence. At Core, 95% of our customers are recommended through family and friends. They trust us that we are the right solution for their jackets and coats restoration. To know more about our services, call us at 844-971-0707 or click here to make a reservation for services at your home or office in the USA. 

Why Core?

Trusted Partners
Trusted Partners

We are an extension of your company. We do not provide mitigation or reconstruction. We only perform pack outs, contents cleaning, dry cleaning and electronics restoration.

Eliminate Your Contents Liability
Eliminate Contents Liability

We are 100% focused on contents. When you refer Core, we handle the personal property portion of the claim and interface directly with the insured and adjuster to streamline the documentation process.

Advanced Inventory Software
Advanced Inventory Software

Detailed photo documentation of all items including boxes, furniture, and clothing with bar-codes on every item to track from pack out fo pack back.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

You don't need to rent or purchase a large storage facility to house contents.


Fastest response time of any pack out company in the nation. One call handles all contents (contents pack out, dry cleaning, electronics)

Xactimate Estimates
Xactimate Estimates

Estimates written in industry standard Xactimate software.

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