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#1 in Pack Outs & Contents Restoration since 1998
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Furniture Restoration in Philadelphia, New York City, Newark, & DC

Whether it is old or new, replacing damaged furniture at your home or office will be expensive in the wake of a fire, flood, or major accident. That is why the proven professionals at Core Restoration offer the best available professional furniture restoration services for both residential and commercial customers in New York CityBaltimoreWashington, DC, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, and others within our service area.

Core Restoration is a family-owned content restoration company operating in US cities located in 17 different states. We specialize in content restoration, including furniture restoration, and leave the structural restoration work to others. Often, we partner with another restoration company and handle the content restoration efforts to make sure we get your job completed ASAP. When you need restoration work for your furniture, clothing, electronics, documents, artwork, photographs, and other items, we are the company to call. Once your items are restored, we will hold them in our climate-controlled storage facility until you are ready to have them returned to your home or office. To learn more about us, call 844-971-0707 or click here to make a reservation for services today at your property in Newark, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Bethesda, or Boston. 

What Are The Benefits of Professional Furniture Restoration Services?

Furniture restoration is a procedure that includes furniture being repaired, cleaned, painted, coated with lacquer, repurposed, or polished to preserve its original look and functionality. The benefits of these services include:

  • Increases the furniture’s value
  • Adds style to your home or office
  • It is cheaper than replacement items
  • It is better for the environment
  • It saves money in the long run
  • It helps you to preserve sentimental pieces of furniture
Comprehensive furniture restoration service

Let Core Restore Your Damaged Furniture in New York City & Philadelphia

At Core, you will get the quickest response time of any furniture restoration company in the nation. Our technicians are iCat certified. We have industry standard Xactimate software, which we use for estimation services. If you live in Alexandria, Ashton, Bethesda, or another city along the East Coast of the United States, then you can obtain our services. Our crews also handle upholstery restoration, leather restoration, and clothing & textile restoration. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 844-971-0707 to learn more about us. You can also click here to schedule our services ASAP.

Why Core?

Trusted Partners
Trusted Partners

We are an extension of your company. We do not provide mitigation or reconstruction. We only perform pack outs, contents cleaning, dry cleaning and electronics restoration.

Eliminate Your Contents Liability
Eliminate Contents Liability

We are 100% focused on contents. When you refer Core, we handle the personal property portion of the claim and interface directly with the insured and adjuster to streamline the documentation process.

Advanced Inventory Software
Advanced Inventory Software

Detailed photo documentation of all items including boxes, furniture, and clothing with bar-codes on every item to track from pack out fo pack back.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

You don't need to rent or purchase a large storage facility to house contents.


Fastest response time of any pack out company in the nation. One call handles all contents (contents pack out, dry cleaning, electronics)

Xactimate Estimates
Xactimate Estimates

Estimates written in industry standard Xactimate software.

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