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#1 in Pack Outs & Contents Restoration since 1998
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Books Restoration And Cleaning Process in D.C. & New York City

Experiencing devastating property damage due to fire or water is something no one wants to go through. It could be much more upsetting for you if they messed with your preferred bookshelves and collections of books. Most surfaces of books becomes stained due to smoke, water, and the lack of temperature control in the structure. In most cases, soot can be removed by wiping it off, but this instance is an exception. Restoring the wet and smoke & soot damaged books is not easy process. So, they require a professional books restoration.

Restoring damaged books to their original condition is where Core Restoration is specialized. All the needs will be done swiftly using non-toxic chemicals by our experts. Call us at 844-971-0707  to learn more about our superior services in Buffalo, Columbia, Allentown, Glen Burnie, and other cities within our service area.

Contents Core Restoration Restore

Core Restoration's seasoned restorers can tackle any content restoration difficulty. Apart from books restoration, our other contents restoration services include:

Document and book restoration service
Book restoration and cleaning service

When a disaster strikes, is it possible to salvage your contents?

Contents from homes, schools, hospitals, museums, banks, supermarkets, apparel factories, warehouses, and more have all been retrieved by Core. Having a reliable home restoration service is essential, especially if you want to save any irreplaceable memories or keepsakes from the destruction. The contents restoration experts at Core Restoration will give you many affordable choices as they can. Our customers' preferences for the care of their valuables inform how we design our asset preservation and restoration services.

Trust Core Restoration To Restore Your Contents

In an effort to keep costs down, we implement rigorous cleaning procedures. Professionalism in packing, cleaning, and drying is enhanced by our team. We're a family business that's been around for decades. You can rest assured about your damaged content. The glow and light will be back to your contents including books. Call us at 844-971-0707 or click here to book an appointment.

Why Core?

Trusted Partners
Trusted Partners

We are an extension of your company. We do not provide mitigation or reconstruction. We only perform pack outs, contents cleaning, dry cleaning and electronics restoration.

Eliminate Your Contents Liability
Eliminate Contents Liability

We are 100% focused on contents. When you refer Core, we handle the personal property portion of the claim and interface directly with the insured and adjuster to streamline the documentation process.

Advanced Inventory Software
Advanced Inventory Software

Detailed photo documentation of all items including boxes, furniture, and clothing with bar-codes on every item to track from pack out fo pack back.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

You don't need to rent or purchase a large storage facility to house contents.


Fastest response time of any pack out company in the nation. One call handles all contents (contents pack out, dry cleaning, electronics)

Xactimate Estimates
Xactimate Estimates

Estimates written in industry standard Xactimate software.

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